Amjad Moufti



Our story begins in the early 90s, when a young Saudi boy first discovered Rock music from his cousin and saw him play the guitar. He couldn’t keep it out of his brain nor could he hold back the yearning to try. And that led to him buying his first electric guitar, a SAMICK, in 1995. 

Despite the passion, he had no clue how to start. And so that sparked the search for a tutor, which was a daunting task for someone living in Saudi Arabia at the time. Luckily he found a friend from Jeddah who was willing to help and so he went all the way to Jeddah to start. After getting their hands on a VHS tape about the Metal Method, they started training together and watching it religiously. 

Consequently, he got into some 80’s hard rock music like Van Halen,  Aerosmith,  Europe, and  White snake in addition to thrash metal music like Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, and Pantera.

After 3 years of practice, he developed his skills through progressive metal and started composing his own music. 

2004 marks his first great feat when he played publicly for the first time which took place on the stage of the National Guard Hospital Compound. After that, he went on to appear in Saudi channel 2 in 2005 and performed his first gig in Dammam with his first band Magoria in 2006.

And now, Amjad Moufti is a Saudi solo guitarist and a part of the Native Notes band. He started off as a simple fan and flourished into a full blown talent of his own.

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