Syrup PMO is a Flavor that is an acting body for bringing the client’s ideas and thoughts into reality. Syrup PMO leads and manages projects through its project management strategies and mechanisms to achieve business goals and expectations. Syrup PMO has led multiple initiatives for: The Royal Commission of AlUla, Joy Entertainment Industry Forum, and MSC (Saudi Cruise).
Advisory is a service that provides second to none advisory & consultatiotion services on a governmental scale. Advisory has supported local businesses in their success stories by providing services which include but not limited to: Market research, competitive analysis, benchmarking, onsite training, and strategic long term business goals. Syrup Advisory’s clients include : GEA, MOC, MC & Monshaat.
Being in the midst of the entertainment industry, we are well aware of the challenges that come with organizing and executing an event. As prepared as you can be, there will always be last minute challenges and requirements, and this is where our Experience services  shines.
This service deals with organizing and providing the needed supplies and factors to procure a memorable event. Such supplies and factors include artists, instruments, musical and artistic initiatives.
The major strength with Experience is the time and efficiency factors that are usually the struggles with big or small events. Our main goal is getting you what you want whenever you want to be able to bring your event to life without any hiccups or delays.
Some of our most notable clients include: The Diplomatic Quarter, Sparky’s, Vetorri Palace, and Antara Compound.
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