Syrup™ Global LLC

In 2019, Syrup™ started managing talents to help support the music community and artists from different musical backgrounds and styles.

As an entertainment company, Syrup™ works with different musicians and artists to showcase their talents Locally and Globally through multiple events such as Al-Ula, Riyadh Season, Winter at Tantura, Riyadh Park, and Joy Forum.

We work with both signed and unsigned artists with providing various services if needed towards the growth of the Entertainment/Music industry.

Our artist page exhibits our signed talents who we work with exclusively.

Culture Shock Night


Music is a universal language that knows no boundaries or borders. It can bring people of all backgrounds together with music, and it was this idea we embraced for our Saturday night Culture Shock Open Mic which took place on the 3rd of July. With attendees from different cultural backgrounds across the world, cultures clashed in a beautiful way as they listened to music which did not restrict them from having fun!

A variety of live performances and music from diverse countries surrounded the energetic atmosphere at Syrup Lounge. The night was filled with a joyous energy as people sang along to every song no matter where it came from including Spain, Lebanon, Greece and Egypt! Everyone had their own way of expressing themselves whether that be singing or dancing. In between songs, a touching dance performance was given by Syrup™ talented intern Ahmed Albattal to John Legend’s – Wild, which led everyone closer together through celebrating diversity beautifully!

After hearing these performances I felt more connected than before because we all have something in common- our love for music!

Rock fans scream for more after seeing the live performance of Justice For All


The audience could not contain their excitement as Justice For All took the stage. The band played with such intensity and power that it created an electrifying atmosphere in the air, making rock fans scream for more! Fans were left wanting more, but it wasn’t until the band was off stage that they realized how much time had passed

Guitar Garage x Syrup


Mr. Shareef took the students on a journey, as he started with the basics of playing guitar then moved up to more in-depth concepts and skills that can make them fantastic musicians!

‘Star Academy’ Winner Mostafa Mezher at Syrup Lounge


The popular winner of the Arabic television singing competition “Star Academy”, Mostafa Mezher had an amazing night on Friday. He sang his heart out to a room full of adoring fans who clapped enthusiastically in time with each song that was sung.I hope that we can all take a moment to enjoy this talented singer who has been working for his success since he was very young.



Gmmix band took the stage at Syrup Lounge.The atmosphere shifted as the members started playing. The audience had become engulfed in a wave of excitement and anticipation, excited to hear these talented young musicians play their first original song for them live on this night.  The mood of the audience changed quickly and  everyone began to realize what this concert would be like; an energetic rollercoaster ride that had them singing along within minutes. We all watched with rapt attention as each member played an instrument effortlessly while singing high notes, As everyone stood watching them sing, the audience couldn’t help but feel joyous listening to their voice echo through their bodies like waves; knowing how much time and hard work has led up to this moment made them want even more than ever before.

“Ayam Alseba” By Abdulaziz Al Essa Release Ceremony


The song that went viral with over 100,000 views on YouTube was performed for the first time in Syrup Lounge .The lyrics were written by the talented artist Abdulaziz Al Essa with music composed by the composer Khzzal. The song combined musicality of voice, lyrics, and music to create an enchanting mix which attracted many, including influencers from TV stations and famous personalities in attendance. The event was covered by the media and received a lot of attention from major production companies. The audience were at their heights of excitement for attending the first performance, which they enjoyed tremendously. Furthermore, Syrup Lounge made sure that everything would be perfectly organized with the hospitality of Mzaq Warg Enab, special thanks to them.

Rock Night


On the 22th of May, 2021 an exuberant crowd witnessed a gripping event at Syrup Lounge. We were back with our Rock themed open mic.The shouting and the excited screams rhymed with the performances of Riyadh’s rock legends; DUSK, Native Notes, Metalphoenic, Rami Sarieddiene, Hassan Khawaja, Abdullah Al Hedayan, Abdulrahman Al Ghazali & Madani Zakari. The different levels of thrills & the adrenaline rush that bumped us with each drum beat played took us up to the sky on relentless waves. The night had a taste of classical music with a twist of rock performed by the Russian violinist and pianist Marina Ivanenko. To top off the night, an original song by Metalphoenic was blasted off the Syrup stage for the very first time with a courageous performance that rocked us.

An unforgettable evening to be remembered!!

A Father Passing His Musical Passion To His Son


The legendary Saudi guitarist, Nader al fasam and his son Abdulaziz al-fasam took the stage together for a special performance on our 90s themed open mic night at syrup Lounge. Nader al fasam is a highly talented performer with an impressive guitar repertoire! The duo played in an evening full of Grunge music that had all attendees swaying their heads in unison to each catchy guitar riff as they sang along too! They played lively tunes from their 90s themed playlist  that had everyone on their feet dancing all evening long. We’re so glad they came out for what turned out to be one memorable experience here at syrup Lounge!In the same week we had a complete guitar maintenance workshop where they also attended. The father-son duo learned, in depth, all about how to handle a guitar including maintaining strings and tuning pegs with tools that would shock almost anyone who has ever picked up their first acoustic instrument.

Kapital Logo

Kapital Record

[RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, December 2020]

The idea of the “Let’s Jam” night was born in 2017, then had its success in 2018 as well. By 2019 Syrup Stepped up the game with the introduction of more events like “Musicians Gathering”, “Open Mic Night”, and “Local Talent Night”; in which Syrup™ introduced Kapital Records featuring the artists: Kali-B, SHQZU, NTITLED, VETO, MOT, OMA, RAYAN, and WESAM. The group nailed their performance with their original music and stage presence.

“Communities like Syrup are allowing talent to thrive and reach people both locally and globally. We still have a long way to go, but this kind of support is exactly what is needed for talent to prosper. We have many artists locally, and not just at Kapital Records, who are looking for more opportunities to share their talent” Said the co-founder of Kapital.

Mansour Mufti

[RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, December 2020]

Syrup is excited to announce the return of the incredible pianist, Mansour Mufti to our upcoming Local Music Night.

Syrup is a Saudi company that incubates a community of artists and innovative minds in both music and arts to upscale the entertainment and cultural sectors in Saudi Arabia. Mansour Mufti is a music composer and producer as well as a professional pianist. He is an artist heavily inspired by classical orchestra and jazz. Mufti’s inspiration comes from famed pieces like “Hungarian Rhapsody No.2” by the legendary Liszt and the famous “Pink Panther Theme” composed by Academy Award nominee, Henri Mancini. Mansour is known for leaving his unique touch on the pieces he plays.

Some of his well-known works include:
“Riyadh Magic” and “Success Story”.
Embark on a classical journey with the great pianist Mansour Mufti on Saturday, the 19th of December in Syrup Lounge, on our Local Music Night from 8PM to 11PM.

K-POP Dancers Burn the Stage

[RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, December 2020]

Syrup™ has hosted its first ever K-Pop Dance Competition that was held on the 11th of December 2020 at Syrup™ Lounge with 10 groups battling it out on stage with intricate steps, graceful moves and pulsating beats. Dancers wore elaborate outfits that fit with the K-pop theme and there was sensational music and pivoting dance moves. Family and friends attended to coax their favorite teams to shine and dazzle on stage. A panel of judges, including Choreographer/Dancer Ms. Sawsan Q, Ms. Lama Musaed, and Heaven who all offered constructive feedback and advice for the performers.
The evening began with the group Royalties who demonstrated high standard of dancing followed by Sawsan Q then Heaven, and this was what the excited audience could expect for the whole evening. After an interval Syrups Head of the Experience Syrup™ Mrs. Ghalia T. Kurdi thanked the dancers and attendees then it was time for the dancers to grace the stage. From single acts to whole class groups, the judges had the arduous task of deciding who would be the winners and runners-up and the final results were as follows:
3rd place Malachite
2nd Place Hanan
And finally, 1st place went to EL.