Supporting talent financially and spiritually by creating opportunities, providing artistic places, and working to develop artists to reach a high and international level, representing them legally in front of higher entities. Discover talents and find solutions and educational programs for them.

We set out creative environments where our clients' ideas become reality by providing them all resources necessary for achieving their project goals. We specialize in the planning and execution of entertainment and management projects, and act as a central point where all aspects of project management are coordinated.

Distribute artists-made content to all local and international cultural platforms and creating an opportunity for artists to appear.

Administrative development, building your brand and ensuring its continuity and Artepreneurship, we offer our services, entertainment, and cultural solutions with our local flavors.

Merging all the local flavors to provide good Quality shows for visitors of different events and occasions. Providing local and international talents to operate theaters, spaces, and artistic facilities.

Syrup™ in Numbers

Happiness Stories

Syrup Lounge

A co-arting space specialized in music & performance-based industries. You can improve your talent, meet other artists, seek artistic consultations & enjoy our community’s artistic activities.


A platform for artists to showcase their talent, and for the customer to hire direcetaly.

Liquid Marketing

We help you develop and move the wheel of your ideas to reality by creating a unique marketing campaign that attracts customers. We also capture your work in creative ways.


Accreted by the I.M.S. , and specialized in Incubating talented magicians and improving the national cadres in this field, by providing unique magic shows that exceed the audience expectations.

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