92 years of greatness celebrated in a weekend!

The celebrations of the Saudi National Day are perhaps the most iconic thing about the Kingdom. One ride down any road reveals skyscrapers, shops, and malls all dressed in that familiar green color of the flag. And most of all, the awesome offers and competitions bringing life to the celebrations. (New line) The Stage contributed with its own array of exciting offers and activities. Each event of that weekend was priced to commemorate celebration’s 92nd year, alongside a special discount code with the same number.

Best of all, we debuted our biggest competition to date! With a 3000sr prize divided over 3 winners, questions on how to join came pouring in. The premise was simple: anyone was allowed to join in one of the 3 weekend events and perform. Best recorded performers would be posted on Instagram for voting by our followers.

First winner was the talented vocalist, Ahmed El Gohary. His presence on stage reminds us of singers we all grew up listening to such as Melhem Zain and Wael Jassar. Second was LiveZone Band known for their hardcore rock style and energetic vibes. Third was Salah Abuqasem, a talented pianist who amazed us all with his harmonious playing.

Votes were counted and the winners Ahmed El Gohary, LizeZone Band, and Salah Abuqasem were called to the Stage for a photoshoot befitting of their announcement.

By Naya Ahmed

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