The Stage is a co-arting space curated by Syrup for the general public to come enjoy the stage and share their love for music and art.
Each event hosted by the Stage caters to a variety of artists and art lovers; from poetry to dancing and much more in between.

It comes to no one’s shock that one of the most beloved and famed events is the Open Mic Night, where everyone is welcome to share their talents on stage. 

This night does not restrict age, art, or expertise. It’s all about you, your talent, and your confidence to showcase it! Another well received event is the Anime Gathering made for all Anime fans to come meet, compete, and sell their merch! Due to the rising popularity of Anime Culture in Saudi, the community has grown significantly. 

In the spirit of that rise, the community is starved for a space that they can express themselves in and connect with others. And the Stage is happy to oblige. Perhaps the most popular event we offer, Rock/Metal Night is where the heart of the Syrup community lies. The Stage has solidified its spot in the rising Rock/Metal Music scene here in Saudi Arabia. The contributions that led to that spot include hosting and sponsoring rising talents such as Immortal Pain, Hemic, Amjad Mufti, Madani Zakri, Dusk, Dune, Nader AlFassam, Ahmad Khoja, and Yazan to name a few. In addition, events like Artist’s Gathering, Kids Club, Arabian Night, Dancer’s Gathering, and many more portray the variety and diversity of the arts supported and encouraged by the Lounge. So come on down to our space, experience the magic of our Lounge flavor, and join our community of over 3,000 amazing individuals.

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