Syrup Global

It all started in 2009 from a small in-house studio, when our ambitious leader decided to resign from the corporate world driven by mere numbers and got enlightened to what’s called today Social Entrepreneurship, it wasn’t about doing good for a financial income, it was about doing business for the good of mankind. 

Sometimes what makes or breaks it for Start ups or SMEs generally is their cashflow, we eliminated this obstacle and put our selves in their risk and provided them with services they needed but couldn’t afford at the time, call us dreamers if you wish, but we’d be called believers.

In 2016 a new insight came to life, when our country announced the 2030 vision and the entertainment industry started to see the light, we felt the responsibility to act fast to create the base of the Art Industry and manage artistic people’s Talents so this generations amazing art wouldn’t go to waste. 


Mostafa Shirah

Founder &
Chief Entertainment Officer

Chosen is my name, Syrup is my game, Entertainer, Advisor, Marketer, Musician, Mentor for Talents and Start-Ups.

Ghalia Kurdi

Head of Operations

I want to leave a legacy on this earth, something that generations to come can take and use to move forward with.  I am a Mom, a Wife, and a Killer manager who can’t wait to pour syrup every day.

Rayed Bin Aslam

IT Specialist

Computer Science graduate who wants to learn, research and work in the state of the art technologies for the rapid growth of knowledge in the field.

Saarah Quraishi

Executive Coordinator

A management graduate with keen organizational skills, working towards achieving a streamlined and intuitive approach of providing administrative support, eager to contribute and make a difference. 

Abdullah Sultan

Graphic Designer

An Arena Multimedia graduate. A highly creative and multi-talented designer. Experienced in Adobe Creative Suite. I strengthen business competencies through designing, developing and implementing graphics, layouts and creating logos.

Hussain Kurdi

Talent Manager

My love for learning and the distinction between people prompted me to attend training courses for the development of self-help. This enabled me to be a successful social figure and easy to work with as a talent manager.

Faiz Razi

Software Developer

I’m a curious person, eager to learn and develop new things. I’m a doer, not a quitter, and as a software developer, I would love to bring things at the fingertips of the world.

Hanan Alquraihi

Executive Assistant

An English Literature Student, with a passion for Arts, exploring, and helping others. Being a fully independent woman is in process. I believe in always being the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.

Mohammad AlKudwah

Sales & Business Intelligence

Logic is my middle name. Data analytics and process development are my passion. I am a poet and songwriter. Metal Music is my eternal guide.

Abdulaziz Al Akel

Operation Executive

Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in law at PSU. I am a hard-working, ambitious, and self-motivated individual. I am here to find and explore new ways to entertain the youth of Saudi Arabia and future