Born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Nourah is a Saudi singer-songwriter as well as a brand and creative strategist with a deep passion for music, culture and social impact. In 2016, she started as a guest performer in her friend Sean’s band before getting into duo and solo performances. In January 2019, GEA issued public performance permits, soon after Seven Moons,
a creative venue in Riyadh, reached out to her and Sean to perform at their venue. From there, her music career began and they have since performed at many public and private events all around the kingdom such as MDLBeast, Soho Club, Burger Boutique, and Draft Cafe. In September 2019, Nourah was asked to perform in Washington, DC, as part of the 89th Saudi national day celebrations hosted by the Saudi embassy.
Through out the years Nourah worked on her craft taking vocal lessons in Riyadh, Dubai and NYC and rehearsing for the love of music. She recently began working on original content, collaborating with local musicians. (click on the image to listen) She draws inspiration from a number of artists, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Alicia Keys, Dave Matthews, Madonna, George Michael, Sarah Mclachlen, Queen, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, and Sade.

Nourah AlAammary


Sean and Nourah do covers of their favorite hits as well as a few originals. They take the time to curate a set list that has a selection of different genres and eras, creating an ambience that complements the event’s objectives.
Together they take you on an acoustic harmonious journey with songs from jazz,
classic rock, pop, R’n’B and others.
In November 2019, Nourah was asked to participate in the German cultural days activities
with the Johannes Bigge Trio, performing a few jazz classics as part of a cross cultural
89th National Day celebration, by Saudi Embassy King Abdullah Academy Washington, DC, September 2019

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