A huge part of Syrup’s vision and goal is to be an active part of the progression of the entertainment industry. Whether it was our very own event or not, we strive to elevate every project we are a part of in hopes of seeing it flourish.

First-hand experience has taught us the importance of the little things and how they can make or break an event. From necessary wires to major stage equipment, these resources almost always cause the tell-tale “technical difficulties” we have seen time and again in even the largest events. 

This is where our Backline flavor comes to the rescue. The purpose of this flavor lies in the urgent need for the highly effective yet often-forgotten resources such as mics, monitors, stands, podiums, musical instruments, and many more. Backline offers any client the guarantee of a fault-free event or project, preparing for the absolute worst case scenario and turning it into the best possible outcome.

Check out our variety of resources and rent yours now!

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