Heavy Arabia Entertainment x Syrup Stage​

Heavy Arabia is a company catered to the Metal community in Saudi Arabia, focused on promoting and supporting the metal artists and bands and offering their die-hard fans the best exclusive access to the latest concerts. Their objective is to be an active part of the rise and establishment of the metal community, which is why we took pride in our collaboration with them.

Through this collaboration we had the opportunity of hosting some of the best talents in the industry, the rising and the established, all in one night. The show started with an entertaining stand up comedy segment performed by the seasoned comedian and actor Ibrahim Al Hajjaj, who was also promoting his latest movie “Sattar” at the time.

Following Ibrahim, solo artists Misty took the stage in a passionate performance leaving a lasting impression on the audience. And finally, Sound of Ruby kicked off their show with high energy. Nader Al Fassam, the lead guitarist, shined in his own unconventional style playing solos such as the Saudi National Anthem on his electric guitar. Members Mohammad Al Hajjaj, Kamal, and Talal all showed great talent and harmony bringing us a show we’ll never forget. And we extend our special thanks to Heavy Arabia for this collaboration which we hope we’ll do more of.

By Naya Ahmed

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