Hookah Experiment

On Saturday the 9th of October,2021, The Hookah Experiment graced our stage in their first performance since their featured performance on our Open Mic Night a year prior. Mostafa Shirah and Ahmad Khoja gave the crowd a show to remember, playing their best covers flavored in each of their styles and paces. It was the kind of show that demands you to pause and marvel. Despite the diversity of the audience’s age, background, and music preferences, they were entranced by the show. And we were right there with them. It was one of those performances that remind us of the magic of shows and music and how beautiful it is to behold, and we are always proud to have a hand in it.

Before his venture into the entertainment business as an owner, Mostafa Shirah was an active member. His musical ventures date back to his youth, where he was singing and eventually became skilled at playing various musical instruments.

And as with most aspiring artists, him and his talented friend, Ahmad Khoja, started their own band. Their journey together was more laid back and was more about the art and joy of performance.

By 2020, Syrup started to pick up pace as a creative space and the Open Mic Night specifically was flourishing. That was when they had their first performance at Syrup. And nearly a year later, they had their own exclusive night where they lulled the crowd with their incredible talent.

By Naya Ahmed

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