Syrup™ Global LLC

In 2009, from a small in-house studio, out of the ambitious vision driven by mere numbers to start something unique and new to the market, the idea of the Social Entrepreneurship was born. This vision was solely based in doing something good for the community rather than aiming for a financial income booming through the ceiling.
As part of being any Start-Up or an SME, cashflow sometimes breaks those entities. But WE, as Syrup, eliminated this obstacle and chose to live with this burden. We call ourselves dreamers and believers; and provided the beautiful community we live in Entertainment Services we rarely dreamed of back in the days.
By 2016, this vision blossomed into life with the announcement of Vision 2030 by HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, an ambitious vision that complimented our vision; and with it the Entertainment Industry started growing rapidly every single day. Syrup felt responsible to carry this flag and become the local leader in the Entertainment Industry.
Through different business models and changes, we have settled at what we believe is currently suitable. We provide Entertainment Advisory, Talent Management, Talent Operations, and Artistic Communities. And the more the industry grows, we will grow with it, adapt, change, and provide the best services possible.
We are Syrup, and our flavors will surely sweeten your life.

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