Dancer's Gathering


Art is, above all, an expression of emotions and ideas. Whatever the medium, art finds its way to hearts and minds in a timeless way that connects us all to different eras and places. And dancing is no different in that regard.
Over the years since our Open Mic Night was first introduced back in 2018, talented dancers have been a common sight to us. From Noura Al-Abdulaziz, the professional Afro-dancer, to Mike, professional salsa instructor, and everyone in between. They’ve always been welcome on our stage and we never get bored of their art. However, it was time to give them and various others their well-deserved spotlight.
And with that, our first gathering catered to dancers was born. Dancers of all backgrounds, ages, levels, and styles enjoyed sharing their love for the art and introduced the crowd to various new dances. 


By Naya Ahmed

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