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[RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, December 2020]

The idea of the “Let’s Jam” night was born in 2017, then had its success in 2018 as well. By 2019 Syrup Stepped up the game with the introduction of more events like “Musicians Gathering”, “Open Mic Night”, and “Local Talent Night”; in which Syrup™ introduced Kapital Records featuring the artists: Kali-B, SHQZU, NTITLED, VETO, MOT, OMA, RAYAN, and WESAM. The group nailed their performance with their original music and stage presence.
“Communities like Syrup are allowing talent to thrive and reach people both locally and globally. We still have a long way to go, but this kind of support is exactly what is needed for talent to prosper. We have many artists locally, and not just at Kapital Records, who are looking for more opportunities to share their talent” Said the co-founder of Kapital.

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