Mostafa Shirah: Activating music curricula is the first step to teaching children musical appreciation.


Mr. Mostafa Shirah, CEO and founder of Syrup Global LLC, was interviewed on June 23rd 2021 on his personal and professional opinion and outlook on the recent initiatives to support and nurture the musical sector in the Kingdom.
Mostafa Shirah was an aspiring artist himself, having been an excellent singer all his life on top of being a self-taught drummerand Saxophone player. Finding that the musical sector in Saudi Arabia was lacking the proper space and entity that can incubate and support artists, he launched Syrup to fill in such needs.
” Music is committment, not just entertainment. It teaches a person discipline and builds character due to the extensive care for details and instruments required in this feild” said Mostafa when asked on the significance of the progression of the sector and incorporating music in the Saudi curriculum.
By Naya Ahmed

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