PSU's Nama'a Club cooperation with Syrup Stage to entertain the kids from Nutq association

Namaa is a social development club founded by Prince Sultan University students in 2016 after the success of the group’s major event, Art is Generosity. Their aim is to continue providing the community with experiences that develop and elevate it.

In November, the club announced the launch of their recent initiative “Nama’a Trips” which aims to organize various cultural and entertaining trips for members of various charities.

And as part of their third trip in this initiative, they wanted a space to entertain the kids from the Nutq organization for people with speech and language disorders. We proudly accepted this wonderful opportunity, offering the kids the space and activities such as painting, making bracelets, and singing karaoke.

“We were impressed by the smiles, support of the children, and the help offered by the Syrup Stage team,” said the VP of Namaa Club, Abdul Rahman Al-Khanani, when asked about his impression of our space. Mr. Abdul Rahman also announced the return of their initiative, which started Namaa’s journey: “Art is Generosity”, in its fourth journey, and it will be in the heart of the university campus. We are excited to see what the future offers for this club, and we wish them great success in it. Special thanks go to the Deanship of the University, especially Dr. Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Yamani, for their faith and continuous support of such initiatives.

By Naya Ahmed

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