Syrup introduces: The Stage!

Syrup has gone through various updates and improvements since its start in 2018. Moving to bigger locations, adding more members to the team and community, and molding the vision overall. In an industry that is so fresh and new, adaptation is a necessary skill. And our baseline goal was the only constant: support and nurturing of the entertainment sector, we have always learned to ride the wave of art and music keeping our space and services as inclusive as possible.

Back in May, the doors to Syrup “Lounge” closed. And a month later, on the 23rd of June, the doors opened up again to reveal Syrup “Stage”. Our space was still the same one our community fell in love with and frequented so often but with a more direct and improved look befitting of our goals and vision.

We look forward to the new era of Syrup and are excited to see our community follow us as well as the new members who are always welcome.

By Naya Ahmed

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