Theatre Gathering

October of 2021 was a booming month in the Lounge in regards to diversifying the genres of art displayed and it was especially exciting to bring the art of Theater to the audience. Our community was eager to acquaint themselves with the new form of artists and watch as the stage transformed into different scenes, storylines, and settings, all with the help of actors, characters and dialogue alone! In addition, the crowd enjoyed an interactive section of the night as they gave random prompts and words to the improve actors and watched them come up with storylines on the spot.

Theatre is an artform that dates back to ancient Athens city, known for its diversity and profound effect on a social and political level. It spread to Hijaz back in the Ottoman Era and reached Saudi Arabia by the 1920s, when the first play entitled “Dialogue between the ignorant and uneducated” was performed in Qassim in front of King Abdulaziz.

Ministry of Culture and Information is one of the several organizations that have been established throughout the country to preserve and sponsors the Saudi theater, in addition to the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts, The King Fahd Cultural Center, and King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture.

It was with immense pride that we were able to add this artform alongside the ones we already offer, bringing another flavor to our stage. And so on the evening of October 25th, various actors, directors and writers flooded our space preparing for the many shows they amazed us with. This event was a turning point in our journey, and we hope we see these amazing talents achieve the success they deserve.

By Naya Ahmed

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