Najd Choir is the first amateur mixed choir in Saudi Arabia, sponsored and founded by Syrup Global LLC in 2020 in Riyadh and conducted by Mr. Adnan Rachid.

It aims to spread Arabic Gulf music in a classical fashion within Saudi Arabia, GCC countries, and among the world.

The choir is composed of 30 members. The rehearsals take place at Syrup Global LLC HeadQuarters.

It presents Arabic Acapella songs in addition to International music.

Najd choir is musically supported by the world famous “Fayha Choir“.


  • Performed at Riyadh Front in National Saudi Day (23rd of September 2020).
  • Performed at Syrup institution for arts (24th of September 2020).

Choir Members

About Conductor

Born in Tripoli, Lebanon 1989. Started singing at 15 when he joined Fayha Choir as a bass singer; participating in all national and international festivals and competitions from 2004 till 2014.

Throughout his journey with Fayha Choir, he developed the following skills:

Because of his talent and ambitious character, he became one of Maestro Taslakian’s assistant conductors for the following choirs from 2009 to 2014:

  • Fayha Choir
  • UNESCO Children Choir.

He also conducted:

  • Al Jinan School Choir.
  • Ghassan Kanafani Association Choir.

Due to his passion and love for music and arts, he had the urge to establish a choir in 2020 in Saudi Arabia with Music Home Institute. Currently, Mr. Adnan is leading Najd Choir which is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, founded and supported by Syrup Global LLC.

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