Sonea Besehr


The word Takht means “bed”, “seat”, or “podium” in Persian. Persian Takhts, or musical ensembles, appeared in Turkey in the second half of the 19th century and was adopted by the Middle East soon after.
It soon became common in the levantine countries: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq. It was even popular in Egypt! This art is familiar to all residents of these regions, as it combines their folklore and ancient music. It was extremely popular in big celebrations and weddings, and a significant part of the culture.
He As time passed, the Eastern Takht became a kind of nostalgic time travel show. Anyone born in the Middle East could identify the songs and sing along, almost like they were rehearsed! And that was proven true as we watched the crowd sway, nod, hum, and sing along to Made with Magic, the Eastern Takht that performed that night. It was beautiful symbol of music transcending time and place, and we will never forget their performance.
By Naya Ahmed

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